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Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home

When it comes to growing magic mushrooms at home, it is actually quite easy once you have the mushrooms to start with. You need to make sure you get your mushrooms or spores from a trusted source. You also have to know whether you are doing something illegal. In many countries mushrooms have been outlawed so getting proper spores is rather difficult. You should stay within the letter of the law so as to avoid getting in trouble before you ever consider growing such mushrooms at home.

Watering Your Mushrooms

You need to have access to a good water source. Unlike people, mushrooms do not require clean and treated water just water. This means rainwater you collect in a bucket or from a stream or lake is just fine. You don’t want to give your shrooms water that has too many chemicals as it will kill the mushrooms and limit their reproductive properties. This means you won’t be able to grow more mushrooms you will only be stuck with what you have purchased. Also make sure you have a medium that will hold in water as mushrooms like to be moist all the time. This often means putting a cover over the mushrooms to keep in the moisture. 

Soil, Feeding

Fungi grow off the decomposition of other carbon items like plants and trees. They process what the trees and plants could not and this gives them a carbon rich diet and makes them grow much more quickly. You should start a compost pile and mix that in with the soil of your mushrooms. It makes for nutrient rich soil that will aid in the growing of your magic mushrooms. It is often the same mix you would give to other garden plants like tomatoes or lettuce.

Shade, Imperative

You cannot grow mushrooms in the harsh sunlight other plants love. This dries them out and makes them go into protective mode. It does not allow them to grow let alone reproduce. The mushroom likes a shaded area that is free of light. You can grow them under other plants or just in a dark room. It is amazing to watch how much better they grow in the dark than the light. You want to make sure that they still have enough warmth and water. While you can get by just checking on them once a week, make sure you know how much moisture is in your air.

When you start to grow magic mushrooms at home it might seem complicated at first. Pretty quickly you will get the hang of it and you will see how quickly and easily the mushrooms can grow. Be patient and try different things in order to see what makes your mushrooms grow the best. No matter what you do, be sure to keep them wet enough, it will mean the difference between success and failure. Start with strong mushrooms or spores and you should have very little trouble getting started.


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