How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

First and foremost when you are looking to grow magic mushrooms you need to start with the correct product. This means ordering spores or mushrooms from a place that can be trusted. If you think you have wild growing magic mushrooms around you, you can also start from there but it is advisable to get a second opinion. Many mushrooms look the same and instead of being magic, they can be quite poisonous. The last thing you want is a magic mushroom that is going to kill you rather than give you a good time. Grow Magic Mushrooms

Find a Shady, Damp Place

You can either find a shady, damp place outside or build one in your home. Most people prefer to grow out on their deck or inside their home to give them the most control and to ensure other creatures do not get into the magic mushrooms. You can build an area outside, but you might wish to fence it in to keep out animals, especially pets. The effects on your pets can be devastating. You want to make sure your magic mushrooms are always moist and that they are not exposed to direct sunlight, ever. Heat is fine, but moist, humid heat.

Use Proper Water

It is tempting to just water your shrooms with the water you drink and that might be fine in some places, but not all. If you get your water from a water treatment plant and there is lots of chlorine in it you will not want to water your magic mushrooms with that. Not only can it kill the mushroom it can also be what the shroom absorbs. That means you will be consuming mass amounts of chlorine when you eat the magic mushroom and it can make it very dangerous. Fungi absorb the nutrients around them and it can be deadly when meant for human consumption.

Look for Fungus Food

There are a number of different fungus foods out there. They are different from plant foods because of the way fungus feeds off decomposing carbon matter. It is often best to put the soil for your magic mushrooms inside a dead tree branch or other dying plant as that is what the fungus loves. It helps them grow and is all part of the cycle of life. They are what breaks down the other carbon based life forms and it is what feeds the needs of the hallucinogenic mushroom best. This can help you grow more and larger mushrooms.

Overall, growing hallucinogenic mushrooms is not difficult. As long as you don’t treat them like a standard houseplant you will be fine. The last thing you want to do is have them in the sun and think that they are using photosynthesis. Shady places with lots of water are where your magic mushrooms will thrive. As long as you start with a proper magic mushroom you should be able to grow many more from the spores you will create. Please visit the following website on how to grow magic mushrooms for more information.


Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms are a great way to experience the hallucinogenic effects that others have experienced with manmade chemicals like acid without the many side effects. While there are still dangers with magic mushrooms, they are natural rather than made from chemicals that in any other combination would be poison. Most people feel better about using a plant rather than mixing chemicals in order to get high. In addition, mushrooms are not absorbed through the skin so they are safe to handle, unlike many other psychedelics.

Your Receptors

Unlike most other drugs, psychedelic mushrooms do not play with your dopamine receptors. These are the receptors that give you the euphoric feeling when you are playing with drugs and often are what people become addicted to. That makes mushrooms much less addictive than other drugs if addictive at all. Instead the mushrooms play with other receptors that produce visual stimulations that are different than what you experience in your normal life. This type of function can lead to happy hallucinations but they can also lead to scary ones if you are not careful. By going slow you can usually see what your receptors are like and gage your experience. 

Making Tea

Many people don’t like the bitter taste of the mushrooms so instead they make a tea with it. This means brewing the mushrooms in hot water and mixing in other flavors. This is a fine way to consume the mushrooms but is also an easy way to get more than you bargained for. You should start brewing by only make a single dose in each brew. This helps you know exactly how much mushroom you are consuming. As you become more skilled and you know what your body can handle you can make bigger batches of tea. Of course, you never know exactly how much you are getting in each and every drink.

Understanding the Time Frame

It is tempting to take more because you aren’t experiencing anything. It takes a good 30 minutes if not more for the action of the mushroom to take effect. You should avoid taking more mushrooms until you have waited at least that long so you know what you are feeling or not. You can help the process along by taking in vitamin rich juices such as orange juice. Just be careful, especially your first few times experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms.

While it is a plant, fungus to be exact, and it does grow in the wild, remember that so does hemlock. There are many dangerous plants out there that can kill you and the wrong mushroom can do the same. Too much of the right mushroom can also be dangerous. Take your time and ease into the psychedelic mushroom pool so you will understand what you are experiencing and what you are getting out of the experience. Mushrooms can be amazing and fun but you still have to be cautious, as with any mind altering drug.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Most people will not refer to mushrooms as psilocybin mushrooms because it is much easier to say magic mushrooms or shrooms. The truth is that the psilocybin is what differentiates the mushrooms people use to get “high” from all other types of mushrooms out there. The basic concept of the fungi is the same, these mushrooms just happen to have a different chemistry that affects the brain in a pleasing way. The psilocin and psilocybin interact with certain receptors in the brain to produce the hallucinations. These hallucinations come across as dancing light, brighter colors and even a seeming ability to “see” sounds.


Understanding Dosage

Every person is different and the wrong dosage can make for a very bad trip. You should always start small before you ever consider upping the dose. This allows you to see how your body reacts and how your brain chemistry is affected. Most people find that drinking high vitamin content drinks as well as sugar helps to sharpen the effect. The juice of choice tends to be orange juice but you can drink whatever you like. Be sure you hydrate as well because the consumption of water feels less important while you are on your trip but it is actually very important.


Many people have seen psilocybin mushrooms cooked in a tea form. This is because the mushrooms themselves are quite bitter. This bitter flavor is hidden when brewed and mixed with other foods. The problem is that it becomes much more difficult to know exactly how much of the effective psilocybin you are getting in each drink. Unless you brew tea separately for each and every dose it is likely you will be getting more than you are bargaining for. This is something that should be considered and you should drink any tea very, very slowly to ensure you do not overdose.

Time Frame

Another problem with mushrooms is that people tend to take too much because they are not feeling anything. You should think of this like doing shots. While you don’t get the effects right away, when they do hit you they come down much harder than they would otherwise. This means that you should wait a full 30 minutes for the results before you decide to take more or do more. It is a better gage of where you are and whether you even need any more of the substance in your system.

As with any and all drugs there are many risks. You must be in a safe place and with people who you trust. You need to be careful with your dosage and you have to be ready for any bad consequences. You should always have at least one sober person with you who is willing to take you to the ER should something go wrong. It is better to get help than to end up dead. Mushrooms are fun for most people but can produce terrifying experiences for others.

Magic Mushroom Tea

When it comes to making magic mushroom tea you need to understand how strong the tea will be. You can tell in general due to the number of mushrooms you put in the tea, but the more you boil it down the stronger each drink of tea will be. Most people are looking to mask the bitter taste of the tea so overall the tea tends to be weaker but some choose to make a stronger concoction that you can then mix with water or take straight in small sips. File:Gymnopilus luteoviridis.jpg

Mixing in Sugars

One of the biggest additives people use are sugars. You can use fake sugars or natural sugars, whatever you like best. Many holistic people choose to use sugar in the raw. Others like the idea of brown sugar as it gives molasses to the taste as well. You can also use liquid sugars like agave or honey if you prefer that flavor. In many instances the sugars also help you absorb the effect of the mushrooms and can intensify the effects of the hallucinations. You need to be prepared for this options and drink more slowly in order to ensure you do not overdose.

Using Loose Tea

The mushrooms themselves do not make the “tea” as you need to add the flavor of various loose tea leaves. This is what gives the tea the flavor you like the best. You can use any type of tea, though herbal, non-caffeinated are usually preferred. You can use the ones with caffeine but it often changes the overall effect of mushrooms, but it can help you keep awake if you are planning on staying out particularly late or if you have had a long day.

Adding Flavor or Vitamins

Another way to intensify the tea is to add vitamins, especially vitamin C or the B vitamins. These tend to not only increase the effect but also increase the way in which you absorb the magic mushrooms. It is why so many people drink juice, especially orange juice when they are planning on taking mushrooms. You can break up the vitamins and mix them in or you can add various flavors through liquid or powder. Some people enjoy adding lemon flavoring via various sources, even real lemons will work as a way of adding both flavor and vitamins.

Magic mushroom tea is one of the best ways to transport your magic mushrooms. It is also the preferred method for taking mushrooms as it tastes better and is often easier to dose out due to the time it takes to drink the tea. When you boil the tea down you must be careful and understand how much you put in the tea. The more dilute the tea, the more volume you can drink. If you have boiled it to be concentrated, you should take it more like a shot rather than a full glass of tea. Adding ice is also a good way to dilute it.

Magic Mushrooms Cultivation

As with any plant you can cultivate magic mushrooms in the right environment. You could think of it like growing corn or a potato, but instead you are growing a fungus. This means much less light, more water and a shady place to keep your plants. You have to understand that fungi reproduce differently, through spores, and that the growing of mushrooms is a bit of an art. You also have to start with the right mushrooms if you are looking for magic mushrooms. No amount of vitamins or soil will change the chemical makeup to make a normal mushroom a magic one. You need to start with the right mushroom or spores in order to grow your mushrooms.

Soil Product 

You can use general gardening soil to grow magic mushrooms. It is nutrient rich soil that does not have chemicals dangerous for human consumption. This is particularly important when you are working with fungus as it will absorb all of its surroundings so you an end up with a poisonous mushroom if your soil has been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. You want pure soil that is nutrient rich for the proper medium to cultivate mushrooms.

Watering Your Mushrooms

Unlike plants, you don’t really have to sprinkle mushrooms or watch the soil as closely because they will not be in direct sunlight. This means they do not lose as much moisture as traditional plants. That being said, you want to keep the soil super saturated at all times. Often that means using a bottomless base that can just be placed in a tray of water. You can also put a cover over the mushrooms to keep all the moisture inside, you will use much less water this way.

Understanding Where They Grow

Mushrooms should be kept in shady places. Mushrooms in the wild grow on the ground of the forest often under dense tree cover. Sunlight changes the composition of the mushroom and often makes it so they do not grow well. They are not plants that work through photosynthesis, their mode of growing and reproducing is entirely different. This means you need to find a nice place that you can set up your mushrooms that will not be exposed to light in order to get them to spawn new mushrooms. You don’t want to grow just one but rather have a group of mushrooms so you can constantly be growing new ones.

Magic mushrooms are usually fun and many people enjoy taking them at raves or concerts. They are illegal in many countries so be careful if you are deciding to grow your own. You should also be careful who you sell mushrooms to and where you ship them. You can find yourself in lots of trouble if you are dealing with countries where the substance as been outlawed. Most of the time, it is best to just cultivate mushrooms for your own personal use rather than expanding beyond that.

Go here to learn more about magic mushrooms.

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

One must be careful when using hallucinogenic mushrooms due to the way the fungi act on the brain. As with any hallucinogen much depends on your personal body chemistry and the way your brain acts. The tryptamines in these mushrooms are quite strong and can cause dangerous hallucinations if you are not careful. While most people have fun trying the fun psycadellic experience there are plenty of reports of people going too far and having a very bad “trip.” While being fearful of mushrooms is not wise if you plan to use them, a healthy respect for what the fungi do is recommended.

Addiction not a Factor

One of the reasons psychedelics are so popular is the experience is not as addictive, if at all, compared to other drug options. Because mushrooms have no effect on the dopamine receptor you are not likely to develop a “need” to use mushrooms again and again. This is often what leads people to overuse drugs as they chase a high they had once before and can never quite find. Mushrooms instead provide a totally unique experience each and every time. You will find light and visual stimulation rather than the “high” that most other drugs entail.

Long Term Side Effects

Just because mushrooms are not addictive does not mean they are not dangerous. The long-term effects of how these alter your brain chemistry is not fully known but can be compared to man made substances like alcohol or acid. While you will be able to control how much you use the mushrooms, each and every trip does kill brain cells and changes the way your brain functions. That means you need to be careful and limit your usage overall. Some doctors believe the usage of mushrooms has a cumulative effect that can actually change your behavior over time.

Finding the Mushrooms

It is much safer to order the mushrooms online and then grow your own or find a reliable supplier. Many people know areas where the mushrooms grow, but many mushrooms look quite similar and lots of them are deadly. Instead of having a pleasant experience you can actually find yourself being poisoned by the very mushrooms you have consumed. Most people choose to take the mushrooms and make them into tea while others prefer to eat them. Either way you should make sure you know where they are coming from and that you are consuming the correct mushrooms for your goals.

Mushrooms are considered organic and a natural way to get a high. In general they are not mixed with other chemicals making them “better” for you than many of the other drugs out there. Of course heroin, marijuana and cocaine are all natural substances as well. The processing may be different but all drugs are dangerous. Be sure you understand the risks and you know where you are getting your mushrooms from. With a healthy respect for the process you can stay safe and have fun.

Grow Magic Mushrooms

Growing magic mushrooms can be quite easy once you understand the basics of mushroom and fungi growth. Of course you have to either buy or find the spores or shrooms to start from. You cannot turn just any mushroom into a magic mushroom so you need a reliable source. In addition, you need to know that growing mushrooms is exactly the opposite of growing most plants. They do not like light and they definitely need to be consistently moist. Fungi grow best in warm, humid air that is rather stagnant rather than fresh air and sunlight. It can make them easier to grow once you get them started. 


Tap water can be dangerous for the mushrooms because of the chlorination that is filtered through to make the water good for drinking. You are much better off finding a natural water source and bringing the water to the mushrooms. This allows the natural impurities into the mushrooms and gives the fungi things to grow from. If you use purified water, it will be fine as long as there are no chlorine remnants in the water itself. Filtered water uses carbon and that is usually fine, but still better to start with something that does not come from the faucet.


You want rich soil to start out with. Many people use standard potting soils but none that are treated with insecticides. You do not want the fungi to absorb these poisons as you plan to eat them eventually. Gardening soil meant for growing fruits and vegetables is usually the best and can produce fast growing magic mushrooms that will be ready to cultivate quickly. This type of growing medium is easy to maintain as you can add more soil and constantly keep everything moist.


Putting a plastic cover over your growing area creates an appealing greenhouse environment. Because you want lots of moisture and warmth, this keeps in both. You can put the mushrooms in a shady place and water them less frequently because the water will stay in the closed system. This allows for the mushrooms to get everything they need and frees up more of your time. You should be able to remove the cover or water from above without disturbing the mushrooms. This allows you to keep the environment at the right moisture level and it keeps the surface of the mushrooms intact.

In order to grow magic mushrooms you need to either find existing mushrooms or you need to order spores. The mushrooms will create new mushrooms over time so you should be careful not to clean out your whole system all at the same time. Most people farm sections of their mushrooms at different times during the year so they always have a source for new mushrooms and new spores. It is entirely up to you but this is the most economical way to grow magic mushrooms. You will find the process is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Finding Magic Mushrooms

When it comes to growing or using magic mushrooms you have to find a source. Some people try and grow the mushrooms themselves and this is a perfectly reasonable way to get these mushrooms but you have to still have to have a source for the growing the mushrooms. This means finding the mushrooms or spores or buying them. Most people choose to buy the mushrooms given the fact that they are difficult to find and identify. In order to properly order the magic mushrooms you have to find a head shop or online store that can ship to your area.

Limitations of Online Outlets

While there are many different online outlets where you can order live mushrooms or spores for growing, these outlets are limited in where they can send the mushrooms due to the laws of the area. There have also been ways developed to work through this process by using different outlets and end destinations. It might take you longer to get your product but you might still be able to get it even if you are not in an area that allows for the use of such mushrooms. Under the guise of plants there are many things that can be done, though you do have to be very careful.

Growing Mushrooms You Find

You can choose to grow or use mushrooms that you find in your area but you should be sure you know what they are. There are many mushrooms that look like magic mushrooms but instead they can make you very sick. Fungus is a potentially dangerous substance to put in your system and can be hard to remove once ingested. You should only cultivate mushrooms you know to be magic and that have been tested by others, source: magic mushrooms cultivation. From there you can grow your own farm of these mushrooms.

Build a Network

Another option is to build a network of friends who grow and share the mushrooms. Often it is helpful to grow the mushrooms in more than one place so that the entire crop is not in danger. Should one person go out of town or an area dry up you will still have access to the mushrooms and spores. You need to trust the people you work with and trust that they are sticking with the magic mushrooms you know to be good. You don’t want to end up with any outside, dangerous mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms are a great way to have a good time, especially at raves or other dances. Magic mushrooms are natural and mostly non-addictive. This means you have the ability to use them as you choose without having to worry about the long-term effects on your life. When it comes to magic mushrooms, go slowly and take your time learning your limits. This will keep you safe and allow you to have a great time. There are plenty of ways to consume mushrooms and as long as you are careful you will be fine.

Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home

When it comes to growing magic mushrooms at home, it is actually quite easy once you have the mushrooms to start with. You need to make sure you get your mushrooms or spores from a trusted source. You also have to know whether you are doing something illegal. In many countries mushrooms have been outlawed so getting proper spores is rather difficult. You should stay within the letter of the law so as to avoid getting in trouble before you ever consider growing such mushrooms at home.

Watering Your Mushrooms

You need to have access to a good water source. Unlike people, mushrooms do not require clean and treated water just water. This means rainwater you collect in a bucket or from a stream or lake is just fine. You don’t want to give your shrooms water that has too many chemicals as it will kill the mushrooms and limit their reproductive properties. This means you won’t be able to grow more mushrooms you will only be stuck with what you have purchased. Also make sure you have a medium that will hold in water as mushrooms like to be moist all the time. This often means putting a cover over the mushrooms to keep in the moisture. 

Soil, Feeding

Fungi grow off the decomposition of other carbon items like plants and trees. They process what the trees and plants could not and this gives them a carbon rich diet and makes them grow much more quickly. You should start a compost pile and mix that in with the soil of your mushrooms. It makes for nutrient rich soil that will aid in the growing of your magic mushrooms. It is often the same mix you would give to other garden plants like tomatoes or lettuce.

Shade, Imperative

You cannot grow mushrooms in the harsh sunlight other plants love. This dries them out and makes them go into protective mode. It does not allow them to grow let alone reproduce. The mushroom likes a shaded area that is free of light. You can grow them under other plants or just in a dark room. It is amazing to watch how much better they grow in the dark than the light. You want to make sure that they still have enough warmth and water. While you can get by just checking on them once a week, make sure you know how much moisture is in your air.

When you start to grow magic mushrooms at home it might seem complicated at first. Pretty quickly you will get the hang of it and you will see how quickly and easily the mushrooms can grow. Be patient and try different things in order to see what makes your mushrooms grow the best. No matter what you do, be sure to keep them wet enough, it will mean the difference between success and failure. Start with strong mushrooms or spores and you should have very little trouble getting started.

About Magic Mushrooms

While magic mushrooms might sound totally safe, there is risk with any type of drug use. You need to know your body and your limits before you begin the process of experimenting with any type of drug. Because mushrooms are natural and not really processed before they are used most people don’t put them in the same category as other drugs but they still can be dangerous. You have to know your limitations and what is best for you before you can use mushrooms safely. Your brain chemistry is different than your friend’s and you need to be safe.


What you need to understand about this category of drugs is that it is not about euphoria or feeling invincible but rather going on a “trip” or an experience. The word “trip” comes from the idea that you are on a fantasy excursion that is unlike anything you have experienced before. The trip lasts as long as the hallucinogen and can happen in a variety of different ways. Mushrooms usually give you visual stimulation associated with light and can even leave trails on sounds so that you are experiencing the world in a whole new way. They don’t usually give you full hallucinations where you create other worlds, though you can become paranoid.

Time Frame and Avoiding and Overdose

Mushrooms are easy to overdose on because people either consume too much right away or take more thinking there is nothing happening. This is dangerous and you should be cautious of such problems. You need to know that it takes a full 30 minutes for most people, longer for others, for the mushrooms to take effect. You should start small and add to it 30 minutes or more later if you want a bigger effect. The overdose on mushrooms is not usually because they are trying to get “higher” like with cocaine or heroin but rather just a lack of effect altogether.

Making Tea

One of the popular ways to consume mushrooms is as a tea. While this is very appealing because it makes them taste better, it also makes it very difficult to know how much you are getting. You should start small and not drink very much. Then you can gage how strong the tea is and what the effect is specifically on you. This allows you a safe ride and gets you to a happy place rather than a paranoid place. Be sure to drink lots of water as well.

Magic mushrooms are fairly safe, but they do look like deadly mushrooms. Make sure you know what you are consuming and that you are getting them from a source that you trust. The last thing you want is to consume a poisonous mushroom on accident. Be prepared with people around you who will help you should you get in trouble and make sure you are in a safe place. The trip on a magic mushroom is quite the experience and one you should do with friends.